Ghanaian musician known for classic highlife music Gyedu Blay Ambolley  has spoken about stonebwoyb hoping to win this year’s grammy award.
He claims most Ghanaian musician do not use our local beats in their music and as a result of that they do not exhibit our tradition. They only use beats created by Jamaicans meanwhile they expect to ravel shoulders with their creators. Is this possible??….He expounded
He also disclosed that most of Ghanaian Musicians do not exhibit the Ghanaian culture in their music and that brought about his assertion.

Being One of Ghana’s Controversial musician, Gyedu Blay Ambulley also gave the details of what happened when he performed at Apollo. He told Grandmaster Murphy

If that is what Ambulley is saying then all Ghanaian musicians should use this as a lesson and produce music that exhibit the Ghanaian nutshell all am saying is livingstone cannot win grammys because he does not make music with our local beats

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