science finally brings some good news to all those curvaceous woman that struggle to loose butt and thighs fat.It is a well known fact that amount of fat stored in the human body is one of the important indicator of one’s health condition.But apparently, more important than how much body fat you have, is where you have it
Namely women with so called “pear type”of a body have proved to be not only generally healthier,but also smart as well
According to konstantinos Manolopoulous one leading scholars of the oxford’s study ‘the idea that body fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time.According to science,lower body fat keeps the fatty acid further from the heart, the main arteries, and the liver, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease unlike “apple shaped”women with the more upper body and belly fat, women with larger behind report lower level of cholesterol an§d glucose
It is associated with two hormones leptin and dinopectina. Moreover, woman with high levels of lower body fat have higher level of omega 3 fatty acid,which is associated with the brain activities
Women with fat in the lower parts of their bodies give birth with children with higher IQ, as their brain development is supported with high amount of omega 3 acids during the pregnancy period
On the contrary, upper body fat has a negative effect on the polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are crucial to brain-growth development. Therefore, the waist-hip ratio has become an imperative measure of cognitive capacity
Dr.Micheal once said”if you going to have fat you better have it in the lower body

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