An outspoken entertainment critic, Prince Tsegah, has lashed out at Shatta Wale and his bodyguard for being ‘uncivilized’. 
Prince Tsegah says for the bodyguard who was physically abused by Shatta Wale to criticise the public for commenting on his heavy slap indicates that he fears going hungry. Reports went viral when the self-acclaimed Ghana dancehall king slapped his bodyguard at the S-Concert in Accra last Friday. The bodyguard had prevented a fan from mounting the stage to hold Shatta Wale’s leg when he was performing. Infuriated by the act, Shatta Wale landed a heavy slap on his bodyguard so that his mask fell. 
The slap was reported to happen at around 2:45 am. This has sparked heated comments on social media with many people insulting Shatta Wale for being violence. Shockingly, the abused bodyguard rather jabbed Ghanaians for calling on Shatta Wale to apologize to him over his slap. He stated in a Facebook livestream that Ghanaians should mind their own businesses and stop talking about his slap. He also went on to say he would continue to serve Shatta Wale no matter the treatment meted out to him by the ‘Taking Over’ hit maker.

The bodyguard’s comments have disappointed Ghanaians and some have unsurprisingly chided him for being ‘foolish’. Meanwhile shatta Wale has said the slap was to test his bodyguard’s loyalty.
And as inconsistent as he is, he said again that the act was a stage stunt that had been practiced for many days. But the entertainment critic speaking on Hitz FM condemned the bodyguard for his comments. According to Prince Tsegah, such uncivilized act had been stopped long ago. He added that Shatta Wale himself must realized that assaulting someone in this ‘modern day’ is uncalled for and so must put a stop to that. He however observed that the abused bodyguard was influenced by his boss to make those comments because he feared losing his job. “I don’t blame the bodyguard because he cannot speak the truth and hold Shatta responsible for slapping him.” “Otherwise, he would go hungry,” Prince Tsegah said.

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