Ataankpa Sneakers, one of Ghana’s fast-rising shoe/sneaker brands has rebranded. It commenced operations in September 2016 and the brand has set itself up as the brand for sneaker lovers in Ghana.

Ataankpa sneakers has made a tremendous impact in the Ghanaian footwear Industry by delivering good quality and mind-blowing sneakers/shoes that has served the Ghanaian populace which includes the likes of Keche, OdarteyGH, Lord Kwadjo Andoh of Lokhanda, Dr. Essandoh, DJ LayLow amongst others.
The brand can be said to be fastest shoe/sneaker delivery firm in the Ghanaian footwear industry through the quality of shoes, packaging, affordability of price and good customer relations.
Ataankpa sneakers delivers shoes/sneakers locally and internationally and is definitely rubbing shoulders with European and American shoe delivery brands.
Locate Ataankpa sneakers at Awoshie. Call/Whatsapp 0275452683 for more information.
Go grab your shoes/Sneakers from Ataankpa sneakers and let your feet do the talking!

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