R2Bees is  hip-pop and hip life duo from Tema made up of Faisal Hakeem 
 ( Populary known as paedae) and Rashid Mugeez ( Populary known as Mugeez) 
 R2Bees often sing and rap in native language Twi and pidgin. R2bees is one of the top purveyors of Ghanaian hip-popsubgenre hiplife, which mixes rap with sounds of hilife (African pop music) and reggae. In 2012, R2Bees was featured in Forbes’ list of Top 13 African Celebrities to watch in 2013. R2Bees have had the privilege of performing on the same stage with international musicians such as American R&BÂ singers Mario and J Holiday

Over the years R2Bess has been noticed as one of the best music groups in Ghana. They feed us with  outstanding musics
 and go  back to rest, they come anytime they are ready and still drop some fire .
Recently one popular rapper made a statment that if all musician in the music industry will mind their business like R2bees always does the industry will be a better place .

Notwithstanding R2bees have done amazing this year ,releasing hits upon hits ; such as boys kasa, beautiful ,supa ,we dey vibe and many more

In an interview with Hit fm ,R2bees made a shocking revelation which state’s that ” Ever since we started music we have never paid or ask any blogger for promotion becuase we believe me make good music and good music’s are worth selling itself ”

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